Rethink what negotiation means to you

Women can learn to negotiate in ways that improve the outcome for themselves and that also have a more positive impact on the people around them. One of the keys to this is reframing how you see negotiation. 

To many people the word ‘negotiation’ conjures up images of conflict, of people with opposing agendas battling it out, culminating in the winner ‘taking it all’.  Research has shown that many women view negotiation in this way, as a ‘win-lose’ situation and something stressful to be avoided.  This negative view of negotiation is counter-productive and also tends to favour men in terms of expectations of what behaviour is appropriate for men and women in the workplace.

But negotiation doesn’t have to be this way.  You can reframe both how you perceive negotiation and how you engage in it in a way that doesn’t disadvantage women.  This approach is known as collaborative negotiation, with a focus on creating mutual benefit and a win-win situation.  The aim is to get a good deal, and a lasting one, for both parties.