About the Ministry

Manatū Wāhine Ministry for Women is the Government’s principal advisor on achieving better results for women, and wider New Zealand. The Ministry has three strategic outcomes: 

  • ensuring the contribution of women and girls is valued
  • ensuring all women and girls are financially secure and can fully participate and thrive
  • ensuring all women and girls are free from all forms of violence and harassment 

 The Ministry’s main responsibilities are: 

  • Policy advice on improving outcomes for women in New Zealand.
  • Managing New Zealand’s international reporting obligations in relation to the status of women.
  • Providing suitable women nominees for appointment to state sector boards and committees. 
  • Providing support services to the Minister for Women.

The Ministry carries out its work by acting as a catalyst for action and change, and by getting key issues on the agenda of government agencies and other relevant organisations. The Ministry provides accessible, evidence-based information to inform and assist others. The Ministry is strongly solutions-focused, with advice that is tailored and persuasive. The Ministry carries out its work by bringing the voices, experiences and priorities of different groups of New Zealand women to government. It also works closely with other government agencies, women’s non‑government organisations and stakeholders within the private sector. The Ministry’s work will bring benefits to women, their families and New Zealand as a whole. 

The Minister for Women is Jan Tinetti. She is also Minister for Internal Affairs and Associate Minister of Education.

The Ministry for Women also provides policy and administrative support to the National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women (NACEW). NACEW is an independent advisory body to the Minister for Women on matters related to women’s employment.

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